Do you know what diverted product is?  Do you know why you shouldn’t buy it-ESPECIALLY for use with supplemental hair?

We’ve all roamed the cosmetic and hair care aisles at out local discount, drug stores & grocers to see Paul Mitchell, Matrix-Biolage, Purology, Goldwell, Sexy Hair, Redken, Tigi, and many others on the shelves-THAT is diverted product.  They may even be much cheaper than you’ve seen at the salon.  Maybe you’ve Googled your favorite shampoos or even ones I’ve recommended and found them at a great price on Amazon and places of the like.  Purchasing these products any place other than a salon is hazardous to your hair (all of it) and potentially to your health.  It even says it right on the bottle! [pullquote align=”right”]Even the companies themselves tell you right on the bottle “Guaranteed only when sold by a professional hairdresser”[/pullquote]  Although it is not illegal for these products to be sold at these stores, it is not okay.  These products are acquired for these stores through what is called the “grey-market” and can almost be guaranteed to be stolen, out-dated, CONTAMINATED (yuck!!) and counterfeit!  Not only will these products be a waste of your money, but they can also be a great risk to your bio hair, your supplemental hair (yikes-protect your investment!!), and a risk to your overall health.

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Even the companies themselves tell you right on the bottle “Guaranteed only when sold by a professional hairdresser (, otherwise it may be counterfeit , old or tampered with.”.  Think that was just something they said to get you to buy it at their price?  Check out these two independent video investigations below (at bottom) that show you just how this happens.

What can you do?

1)  When you see this product on the shelves where it shouldn’t be-don’t buy it!  Let the manager at that store know that the product is not authorized by the manufacturer  to be sold in his or her store. If they doubt you, show them what it says right on the label!

2)  Don’t buy from unknown (non-salon) vendors on the web.  That could be potentially worse than even buying it in the store.

3)  Tell your friends-they deserve to have great hair and great product that’s safe, too!  😉

4)  Visit our new site  This is a place I have created just for you to buy your product and know that it’s the real deal!  The shipping is a flat $4.95 and FREE for orders over $50, and the product is tax free!

Check out these videos too:   Diversion of Hair Products