Personal Hair Therapy was approved again as an in-network provider!  This time it was with Aetna, but it’s possible with all companies!

Yes, it’s a bit of a process, and requires jumping through some hoops.  It’s their (the insurance companies) game and their rules, but if you’re willing to play, we can get it done…or, at least, give it our best shot!

This week, after a rejection and an appeal, a client from Tampa, FL successfully got Aetna to cover her human hair systems at 80%, and she can purchase 2 a year!!  We are over the moon for her!

If you are interested in giving it a try-we are here to help!  Contact Amber to schedule a 15-minute consultation to discuss how to approach your insurance company & what to expect from them, how to handle yourself in the process, what you might need from your doctor, and how we can help! or 919-607-9330 or visit our online scheduler to book your call for more information!