Recently, I’ve been seeking new ways to connect Personal Hair Therapy (PHT) services with women over long distances. Using Skype has been amazing way to have a free, face to face consultation with anyone, anywhere, considering the hair loss solutions I offer. Once you have  downloaded Skype and added “personalhairtherapy” as your friend, no matter where in the world you are, we can connect!  Just this week I was able to connect with women from Canada and Ohio! Not only are the calls completely free, but consultations go to the next level with free video calls! There is nothing like speaking “face to face”. It allows my clients from all over to see my hair up close and feel confident about what PHT has offer them in the way of friendship, expertise and services!

If you’re thinking about doing something for your hair loss, this makes the first step easier. Before you spend anymore time or money seeking solutions let’s talk! See how to downloaded Skype today and then email me to set up a free, one hour consultation.