Frequently Asked questions

Am I a good candidate for what you do?

Anyone who has previously or is presently experiencing mild, moderate or even severe hair loss is a great candidate for our services.  We can assist you in solving your temporary and permanent hair loss issues.   You can schedule a one hour face-to-face or web cam consultation with Amber to explore what options will work best for you.  Amber has years of experience with a multitude of experimental hair replacement solutions and can guide you away from the options that won’t work and assist you in choosing the solution that is best for you.

Are your solutions similar to surgical hair replacement?

Not at all.  All of our services are completely non-surgical.  We will work with you to provide you with most natural looking options available that are 100% non-surgical in nature.

Will I take my hair system on & off?

Most of the hair systems we provide will be removed and replaced by us and will require only basic maintenance by you-shampooing & styling.  This is one of the great things about these hair systems vs. a standard “wig”-they are part of you.  You won’t be left feeling beautiful one minute and not-so-pretty the next when you take your hair off in the evening. You can go to bed and wake up looking beautiful and feeling confident.

Is this going to require a lot of maintenance on my part?

Most hair systems will be maintained just like a natural head of hair would, with less frequent shampooing in most cases.  You can sleep and shower without having to remove anything from your head.  Amber will work with you to determine which method is best for you and best suits your needs.  Together we will take all factors into consideration and make a decision based on your specific needs.

Does this hair really look natural?

Most hair systems we do are custom made for your head making the look very natural and very convincing.  Since all hair systems are human hair you will care for and style your hair system just like you would a natural head of hair.  To preserve the longevity of your hair system it is important to use professional salon products to shampoo and style your hair.

Can I change the natural color of my hair?

At first, most people choose to stay well within their comfort zone as far as color and cut go, but eventually you may very well want to be adventurous, and you can do anything you want to do!  Always wanted to be a redhead?  Great!  Now you can, and you can change it back anytime.

Can I still be active, workout, swim, etc?

With most every hair system you can maintain all of your current activities and in many cases resume the activities that you abandoned when you started losing your hair and your confidence.  You can have your life back-in so many ways!

I feel so depressed and ugly, can my confidence really be restored?

Yes!  While we can’t explain exactly why you lose so much of your confidence when you lose even a little bit of your hair what we do know, for sure, is that it is possible for you to get every bit of that confidence back, and more!   You will want to get dressed up and be taken out instead of feeling like you’re ugly and your social life suffers because you’re afraid of people looking at your hair.  You’ll have a sense of confidence like you’ve never had and you’ll hardly think twice about whether or not anyone knows about your hair loss.  Instead of focusing so much of your energy on worrying and fretting about every hair you’re losing (and you and I know you are) you can focus on living your life to its absolute fullest.  You’ll never miss another event, party or celebration.  Instead, you’ll be excited to go, and rather than worrying about how your hair will look, all you’ll need to worry about is what you’ll wear!  Wouldn’t that be a great feeling?

What makes you different from any other hair replacement establishment?

We are not a chain.  Personal Hair Therapy is owned and operated by Amber.  All consultations, ordering and services are performed by her, and she is personally available to you, even after hours, for emergencies and questions.  Amber has a heart for helping all women through their hair loss and hair restoration journeys because she has suffered herself with the same issues.  She wears a hair system that you can see and touch when consulting with her, and seeing, after all, is believing.  Amber lives a full and active life with her husband and three daughters.  She has trained for and competed in two triathlons, works out daily, and swims, enjoys dancing and many other activities all with her hair system-all proof that you can too!   Amber believes with all her heart that your life should not have to suffer because you have thin hair or you’re losing your hair and she’s committed her life to helping women regain and reclaim their lives with confidence!

I don’t live in your area or even close, can you still help me?

Absolutely!  Amber currently consults with numerous women throughout North Carolina and in all areas of the country and also in Canada.  We would recommend that you schedule a consultation with Amber to start with.  After talking with you once or twice she should be able to determine if she can help you.  After that, we can determine if and  how to proceed.

Do you sell supplements to help regrow hair?

No.  We deal only with methods of temporary hair replacement.

I am going through cancer treatments, can you help me?

Most definitely!  We have many completely natural looking options that will help you feel normal and look beautiful throughout your treatments.

What is your guarantee/return policy?

There are no returns or refunds on custom units. However, all custom units are guaranteed to be as they were ordered or they will be replaced within 30 days of delivery. This covers obvious errors such as color, fit (does the unit match the template), curl pattern, color of the lace and/or silk.
Refunds are available on stock units within 15 days of delivery. Refunds are available only if the lace is fully intact and has not been cut, and the hair itself has not been cut. A $100 restocking fee applies.


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