F emale Hair loss is a thief. People tell you to get over it and move but hair loss is always lurking silently in the background, robbing you of time, energy and happiness. For me, hair loss robbed me of the entirety of teens and 20s, making me more and more withdrawn as my Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) progressed over time. It was only when I realized that my insecurities and fears were impacting my career that I took the initiative to think about a solution and in my good fortune, stumbled on Personal Hair Therapy and Amber.

One of the best things about working with Amber is that she values her clients’ independence while providing the guidance necessary to help you put together an absolutely beautiful system. Even from the initial consult it was clear to me that restoring a woman’sconfidence is truly Amber’s passion, and that her own experiences have given her a different type of empathy and understanding I did not experience at my previous hair loss salon. [pullquote align=”right”]Amber didn’t just restore my hair; she helped me restore my life.[/pullquote] She has been a consummate professional from the initial consult onwards, taking the time to evaluate my lifestyle, fashion sense and age before making a suggestion on the best hair loss solution for me. Amber was incredibly precise in teaching me how to make my template and how to bond. The lace topper I purchased from her fits perfectly and I can honestly say that I have never struggled with the mechanics of bonding. I have only grown faster and better over time using the techniques she showed me but my hair has always looked perfect, from Day 1.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I have to look really hard to figure out where my biological hair starts and my hair system hair begins. The color and texture match are perfect and I now have the hair I would jealously look at on the red carpet or in shampoo commercial ads. But more importantly, I have my life back, and I can begin reclaiming the happiness that was stolen from me in the past. I can go into an interview confident that no one is looking at my scalp under bright lights, I can enjoy walking in rain without feeling the shame of my thinning hair plastered against my scalp and before I go out I can enjoy the pleasure every woman deserves of choosing a hairstyle I like rather than what would best cover hair loss.

Amber didn’t just restore my hair; she helped me restore my life.                              

 PHT Client, “A from Michigan”

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