Can I really do this?  Myself?

I have butterflies and my heart beats more rapidly than normal.  I stare at the hairpiece.  It’s all prepared…… I mean the hair has been washed…’s got the tape on the entire perimeter…..carefully pinned upside down to the foam head……. These are some of the feelings and fears I had when I first tackled this myself.  I was worried about how to hold it, if I would get it attached at the perfect spot, what if this or what if that.

The task seemed overwhelming at first.  I knew if I relied on the training Amber gave me, I would do just fine, but still… to wash, to tape, and hold it correctly to attach it.  “Ultimately, it’s really is simple.” she said, “You can’t make a mistake, and even if you don’t get it on perfectly, you can always do it over.  You can’t ruin the hair.”  After all, that is one of the fears and then the second biggest fear for me was getting it on crooked.  Then what?  I learned to give myself extra time at first, and plenty of time to redo, if necessary, but I can honestly say I never had to do that, but I have called Amber once or twice with questions, and she talked me through the issue I was having, and she was right, it was an easy fix!

Now, some 4 years later, I can shower and while my own hair dries, I tape the clean hair piece and in 10 minutes I’m completely done.  Yes, I’m not kidding.  It really is easy and what once seemed such a nerve-wracking task is now easy and takes very little time.

No, it didn’t take me 4 years to get to this point.  I admit I was nervous about it every time I did my hair for a while, but each application became easier & easier.  I like attaching mine dry, but I sometimes do it wet too. I just dry the lace a bit before taping.

My advice:  Allow yourself extra time when doing your hair.  I don’t recommend waiting until 2 hours before you have an event or need to be at work.  That will only add to your stress.  When you become comfortable and know the routine, you can do the attachment in 10-15 minutes, like I do. If you ever do need any help at all, or to talk through an issue just call, text or email Amber, she can walk you through the issues, anytime.


~Carolyn,  North Carolina