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Terri, MN
Terri, MN PHT Client
Amber has made the whole experience of ordering hair pretty much effortless. She made sure I felt comfortable throughout the whole process, with no surprises…. and the hair, amazingly natural, easy to work with and exactly the right color. If I would have known how easy it would have been I would have contacted her long ago. Thank you Amber, I’ll be ordering my next system from you in complete confidence.

Anna, FL
Anna, FL PHT Client
Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) has robbed me of my hair, my self-confidence and left me desperately seeking answers and solutions for my HL. So upon emails of questions, Amber and I decided that hair replacement was my answer. Being a 28-year-old victim of AGA, I wanted the freedom to “live” in my hair. I wanted to sleep, shower, exercise, and swim in my hair. I wanted my hair to be a part of me, and Amber offers that solution.

Although I was terrified at first, Amber was great! She helped me with everything from the ground up, from consultations to endless questions, to teaching me how to apply the hair, as well as ways to style it. She really took care of it all! The scariest part of hair replacement is doing it yourself, especially if you have never done it before. Even though I wasn’t able to travel to her, we did everything via Skype, an online video chat. The first time I put my hair on, she was right there with me in the privacy of my own home helping me through Skype. It really eased my worries that I wasn’t going through this alone.

My first-time bonding experience was the scariest. Although Amber was with me every step of the way, it was still scary!! It was the uncertainty of “will I do it right?” and “is it going to look natural?” The answer to both of those questions is yes! Although it may not be perfect the first time around, it gets better with each and every bond. It was and still is a learning experience. Since I have been bonding, I have learned not only how to put it on correctly, but how to get the strongest hold. I have learned how to style the hair, from everyday wear to elegant and formal.

Once the hair was on, WOW!!! I thought to myself, “This is what I look like with beautiful hair?” It really looks like it’s growing out of my own scalp. I even fooled my hairstylists! They didn’t know that I was wearing hair until I told them. That’s a good feeling!!

Bonding, as Amber had told me it would, has gotten easier and easier since day one. It has really become second nature to me, and I know that if I need any styling help, or a different cut or color, Amber is just a phone call or email away!

This really has been the best thing that I could have done for myself! My hair is now a part of me, and I do all of the things listed above while wearing my hair. I feel prettier now and have way more confidence than I ever have had before! All of this thanks to Amber! I got lucky finding her and all of her help and support! She takes all of the worries and stress away!

Mimi PHT Client
From our very first emails Amber was professional, knowledgable, responsive, patient and personable. There were no high pressure sales. There were no gimmicks. Her confidence gave me confidence. She took me from feeling out of control and confused about my situation to feeling calm, cool and collected about my cosmetic options. Maybe it’s beginners luck but she nailed it the first time w/the perfect color & texture match without ever seeing my hair in person–AMAZING!! Thank you Amber!!

~Katrina B, Ohio
~Katrina B, Ohio PHT Client
I am sorry to say that your thinning hair cannot be reversed and within a couple years it will become alot thinner”. This would be the statement that no woman ever wants to hear from her doctor, but there I was listening as I slouched further and further into my chair! “Great, now what?!” I thought as I cried in my car. I just envisioned myself as one of the characters in a movie that everyone laughs at as her wig is pulled from her head. Ugh! I am only 39 years old, why is this happening.

I only allowed myself to cry and have a “whoa is me” bout for that day, I then was a woman with a mission – HAIR! I spent weeks and weeks researching what was available for women with this sensitive condition. My mind was about to explode when I came across a wonderful site, Personal Hair Therapy. A company that understood how important it is for a woman to look wonderful and still lead a very active lifestyle.

I live hundreds of miles from Amber but was still able to have a personal consultation via Skype. I went on to order a front lace system with a lot of guidance from Amber. This was the best decision I ever made and I wish I had made it sooner! I look better now than I ever did with my “bio” hair, I seriously look 10 years younger. I love getting compliments on my hair! I look great and can still do all the activities that are important to me!

Amber is committed to being available for all of my questions, concerns or comments. I am so happy I chose Personal Hair Therapy to help guide me through a very sensitive time in my life! 

~Joy, Aurora, CO
~Joy, Aurora, CO PHT Client
Having suffered with thinning hair since my early 20’s, I feel that I found the best solution with Personal Hair Therapy. Amber is really understanding and very good at what she does. Being long distance, Amber and I met over Skype where we talked about the best solution and placed an order.

Amber was in communication throughout the whole process.I got my first unit and was in awe. The color was beautiful and the cut was very flattering. I have naturally blonde/brown hair that is hard to match with color. The custom made piece from template make the hair very easy and comfortable to wear. Most days I forget I am wearing it. I wore human hair clip in pieced before and will never go back as this is a much better, more comfortable solution.”

~Carolyn S. Oxford, NC
~Carolyn S. Oxford, NC PHT Client
I never used to worry about my hair, but I always worried about my appearance. Then around age 55 my hair began to really thin. Along with all the other signs of aging I was unhappy and uncomfortable with my appearance.

I talked with Amber and she suggested I try hair replacement. I was reluctant at first, but eventually agreed it was worth a try. It was stress free, Amber taking care of all the details and then having her transform me in the privacy of my own home.

From the minute I saw myself, I was shocked and pleased! I looked at least 10 years younger. I received compliment after compliment. Another “stylist” told me, “You look stunning!”

I do all of my own styling now myself, and it keeps getting easier. If I run into a problem or have a question, I know Amber is just a call or an email away. She does my cutting and color and I do the rest.

I not only look younger, but I feel younger, more attractive, and comfortable in any social setting now. I could go on and on. Quite simply, I have never felt better about myself…and I think it shows! I highly recommend Amber, because she has the experience and I know she cares!”

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