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Personal Hair Therapy

Personal Hair Therapy is a personalized company specializing in custom supplemental hair solutions, designed to help you through the stages & struggles of your thinning hair with compassion, understanding, and free education. Amber is a licensed cosmetologist and expert in the field with over 10 yrs’ personal and professional experience, helping women through their hair challenges. Personal Hair Therapy offers you the highest quality extensions, toppers & hair systems and treatment options, with competitive pricing (contact below for a quote), & lots of free education with every order.

carAmber has been through this process herself and knows all of the physical, mental & emotional challenges you will face throughout this process. Her personal goal is to help ease your concerns at every stage of the journey, walk with you at your pace and be available to you when you’re ready to take each new step. You’ll never get any pressure to move too fast or spend too much-ever!

Solutions We Offer:

PHT offers these current solutions for every stage of hair loss.

  • Consultation on Market products
  • Hair Extensions
  • Toppers and full hair systems

How much is hair, really?

Supplemental hair is priced primarily by the area of the actual unit, by the length of the hair and by the type or quality of hair. You will find hair on the internet and in salons ranging from $100 (way too cheap, which probably means it is not very good quality) and into multiple $1000s (entirely too pricey-there is great quality hair out there for much less!). You will find our hair to be fairly priced somewhere safely in the middle.  Also, watch for our **Buy 3, Get Your 4th System FREE** deal in our newsletter! It only comes around a few times a year, and is a fantastic deal! With a deal like this, you can get the highest quality hair at a steal!

How Long Will My Supplemental Hair Last?

This is different for every individual. It’s good to plan for 2-3 new systems each year.

Surveyed Women
How often do you think about thinning hair?

  • Once Per Day 66%
  • Once per week 24%
  • Once a month 7%
  • Once a year 3%


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Amber offers free 1-on-1 video and in-studio consultations and free education and assistance with the selection of your personalized hair solution. You receive free guidance for cut & color, and a free video training and live educational support for application, whatever method you choose!

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