Getting your topper or hair systems covered by insurance is very possible depending on your particular insurance plan and your employer. I’ll give you fair warning that it will likely be a long & frustrating process, since most companies are still WAY behind the times on this. However, it is worth the fight-even if they won’t cover you, the more we are asking, the more they’re hearing the need.

1. contact your insurance company & ask what your plan covers

2. a) if they tell you that you do have coverage as about the details-what do you need from your doctor (specific wording) as far as a script goes, and what does the invoice need to list-most often “cranial prothesis” to ensure coverage

b)if they say you don’t have any coverage or that you have to be “ill” or the victim of an accident that caused your hair loss,submit your claim anyhow.

3. when you get denied (and you will), appeal that, and appeal the next and the next. you will need to appeal with a letter that talks about all of the ways hair loss potentially effects your life-feelings of depression (doesn’t have to be diagnosed), poor self esteem, career, family, relationships, physical activity, etc, etc. just be honest with all of the ways you are & have struggled.

4. ultimately, your employer (or your spouse’s employer, if they’re the policy holder) has control over what’s covered and what isn’t. if you feel comfortable making a plea to them-do it. i had a client get approval from their husband’s employer just this year. they won’t cover it until their “new year” begins, but this just goes to show, it can be done.
i also had another client get approval from her insurance carrier (Aetna-but that doesn’t mean all Aetna policies are the same) to order 3 units at a time-European hair!!

good luck!

contact or 919-607-9310 with questions